Monday, November 3, 2008

Future Clients....waaaaaay in the future!

hello again!

Its kind of crazy how things manifest within this industry....specifically, potential clients become family to us as soon as they sign on the dotted line.

We help with one of THE most important days of their lives as they start a new family and we get to participate in the joining of two families ! This is not only "cool" to us, but mind boggling. It takes a lot of trust for families to believe strongly that we will take care of this honor. (and we do consider it a great honor and treat this event with the respect it deserves!)

Once the process has begun, its a whirlwind ride right up to the limo ride at the end of the wedding night. Along the way, we get to know, not only the bride and groom, but siblings, best friends from elementary school, mominlaws to be and of course, grandparents and long lost relatives.

We cry when we watch you meet at the altar (when he hand out hankies at the back of the church, we keep one in reserve....I'm a crybaby!!)

We naturally hear all the stuff that was hidden in closests long ago (everybody has closets with skeletons!!)....we hear it because its always "toasted" about at the reception! Some of this is pretty darned juicey! hee hee :) Some of it super sentimental and some of it..just hilarious!

At the end of the night, we pack you into a limo or a hummer and send you off with your family...but because we've now adopted you, you're also a part of ours.

Does it end there....sometimes....but most times NOT! We get emails now from clients we had years ago, and we get baby shower invites (sometimes we get to host them for you!!!), we watch those little faces come into your lives and "complete" the family you started earlier ....and we get to continue to watch those babies grow! Is there a better job on the planet???

A resounding NO!! I love my job, I love my clients and now I love those babies!

I heard from a couple of recent brides that they are now pregnant, a couple have just given birth, some have a toddler....and of course, when I get photos....I have to share!

I'm posting a photo of Trenton....who is the coolest Yoda I've seen in a while!!! Ray and Courtney Mays were clients of mine just a short time ago...and she just sent me this photo and I HAVE to brag (no, Gloria, not taking grandma rights.....but I'm thinking a close second!!!)....he is just precious!

Ray/Courtney, again, congratulations on his birth and the great job you are doing as parents! And that little man looks just like his dad (with a little bit of cuteness from mom!) He has my eyes, don't u think?

I have another couple who just recently gave birth (Caro and Raul Urbina have a new baby boy, Christian!) and I'm waiting on photos of this little guy too! UPDATE!!! Photos are here! Christian Michael.......looking pretty darned handsome! Congratulations Caro/Raul.......beautiful little man you've got there!

Erica and Christian are just about 8.5 months more photos coming on them, too!

Yep, I love my job!

And, I'm thinking I might get a couple of referrals out of this in a few years! :)

Keith and Stephanie


Our first November wedding....and just so everyone knows.....we try to limit the number of weddings we have per month when possible because we want to keep the service you receive......quality and of course personable. If we get too much on our business plate, the client normally suffers.....we want you to enjoy the process, not have to wait in line! Just an fyi....

Keith and Stephanie were married this past Saturday at the Weston Centre (we do a lot of events at this venue, and Keith just happens to work for the Weston). We overheard him talking about his upcoming event and literally, we had to beg this guy to let us work for him!!!! Yikes! I don't normally have to beg for a job, but they were going to do it on their own.......let their MOM and FRIENDS do the gruntwork, etc...........oooooh no!!! Not in my house! :) Ok, its Betty Cervera's house.......she's the special events coordinator there......but you get my drift, right?

Anyway, once we landed the job (mmmm, kind of last minute, two days before the event!!!) we step in to help. Thank goodness the bride and her family were organized and the groom knew the event site so helped the last minute transition!

The wedding was gorgeous....they picked some pretty solid classic colors...blacks, ivory, gold and red...and a bit of champagne for linens.

They also married at the waterfall at the Weston and A touch of elegance built a beautiful 6' tall "crystal" cross for their enhanced backdrop...not too many florals outside...but gorgeous just the same.

Keith had a hard time "not working for the weston" on wedding day, but we finally broke him down and he let us work a little harder!

Stephanie was beautiful in her ballgown and blinged out to the max.

A touch of elegance also did all of the interior decor and it was nothing short of stunning! Sandra and Mario Garza are true artists and seem to never run short of new ideas!

...and did I mention our groom had a "steel magnolia" red velvet armadillo groom's cake??? He did....I took "before and after" shots!

Dos Kiwis did the photos professionally and I'll ask for some later to post!

Heather and Brandon and Yolanda and Maria and....

Autumn weddings.....this was one of our weddings for early October and the clients were amazing!

Heather and Brandon have been married for over a year (they eloped) and parents were a little disappointed (ok, a LOT disappointed) that they didn't have the opportunity to attend! So, they all decided to do a "do over" and let the fun times begin.

Let me just say up front that Heather and Brandon are blessed with tons of family (most of their families are KRAZEEEEE fun! Yes, Maria, this means you and your daughter Yolanda!) and friends that wanted to share in their day, but because spacing was limited at their venue, they had to curtail the guest list. They felt really badly about this, but they just so fell in love with the site, they couldn't imagine hosting the party anywhere else.

The Weston Centre was their venue of choice for the ceremony and the reception both. The waterfall is gorgeous for ceremonies and we had three designers working on the venue (inside and out!)! Her colors: deep oranges, paprikas, yellows, deep greens, sands and taupes and a little bling for fun. Our men wore beautiful camel suits with a pinch of peach/mango in the bouts!

Great food, great entertainment, and beautiful venue........a win/win/win/win situation!

Here's a couple of photos (and again, caught our favorite photographer Teresa Sandvig and her assistant Liz hard at work before the ceremony) !
Yes, we did photos before the ceremony and brides...this is a great tip if you want to actually enjoy the happy hour you're paying for! You can still have that "surprise" moment where the groom sees you for the first time (we'll set that up for you where its romantic and private!) but then all the photos are out of the way before you're married and........let the good times roll right after ceremony!!

Our fabulous vendors.....

Holtz Entertainment (dj and sound system outside at ceremony)

David Aman (ceremony music)

Sweet Traditions (cake and interior table decor)

A New Leaf (personal flowers and exterior florals)

A Touch of Elegance (ceremony chuppa and all linens)

Rev. Jim Berrier (minister extraordinaire!)

Heavenly Gourmet Catering

Elan Imaging(photography)


Hello everyone!

I love it! Beautiful colors (yes, even in south Texas we get a change of season!), cooler breezes, early sunsets, and we can now start thinking of cooking chili and cornbread or flour tortillas...and a nice cold beer or sangria to wash it down...and weddings weddings weddings!

this October has just been insane! I've talked to quite a few in the industry and they all tell me the same thing.....we are SWAMPED! The economy is awful right now, but weddings go on regardless! Its a life is never an issue! Riiiiight!

Anyway, we've had a couple of events this month too, and had a blast with all involved!

I have a few photos, but waiting on my professionals to come thru for me so I can share the true beauty of the events!

Congratulations to all our couples!