Sunday, April 18, 2010

The dog ate my homework???

Hello everyone!

Ya know, I wasn't sure how to approach this particular blog, but let me just start out by saying....WTH?? :)

Late last summer we had the good fortune to book an out of state couple, Jason & Kelley. Unbeknownst to this coordinator, there is a third member of the family.....Barley (the cutest dog ever to quote his owners!)

Well, it seems Barley was unhappy about being left behind for the upcoming nuptials....and took his frustration out on my mailed contract! BARLEY!!!!

But, really, can you stay mad at such a cute guy? Ok Barley, you're get the stick!!

Jason and Kelley's wedding was on April 10th, and I'll post some photos of the humans a bit later!

Thanks Kelley for the blogging material! lol

Baby Showers!

Hi Everybody!

Baby showers! We love baby showers!

We had the honor of working with another past client, Sylvia and Brian recently by coordinating their family baby shower in honor of their soon to be here daughter, Vivianah.
Sylvia LOVES bright colors, so bright we did!
The shower was held at paesano's at 1604 and Evan Gambee and his team were INCREDIBLE! Perfect place for showers, small weddings and great for rehearsal dinners......make sure you look them up!
Sylvia didn't do the normal "games" and silliness we sometimes love to hate (we hate getting the games started and yet laugh our selves silly once we get going!). Instead, she opted for a really great lunch and liquor (not the mommy, just the guests!).
Vivinah made out like a bandit with all the loot (nieman marcus comforters?? seriously?? :)
Sylvia had a belly cast made prior to the event and we used this as her sign in "book" and we also had a belly cake (thanks danielle for the idea!) to munch on!
Sylvia's family is so incredible to play with and even more fun bringing in this little one!
God bless you and your family Sylvia! Thank you for letting us share this moment with you too!
And, for once, my procrastination has paid off it seems......we've even got photos of our little diva too! Gracious people.....look at her smile!!

More events!

Hello everyone!!

Ok this one is wayyy overdue, but...its kind of fitting that I held off this long!
Last september, D & D coordinated the Knot Networking SA party at the fabulous McNay Art Museum. Our PRINT story will be debuting in the may issue of the Knot Texas! yayyy for magazines!

Anyway, a couple of things you'll see in the mag, I'm posting sure to buy the magazine!

Thank you again Teresa Sandvig (Elan Imaging) for the great photos and the Knot execs for allowing us the honor of working with such a great resource for wedding clients!!

Time to play catch up!

Hello everyone!!

Let's see, happy valentine's day, happy st. patty's day, happy easter, HAPPY FIESTA (for those of you from SA!)...what other holidays have I missed since my last guys just need to beat me when you see me for taking so long to post! Well, we have been busy lately, ok no excuses...........let's get to the stories!

February we had the opportunity to work with Victoria and Hector (and as amazing as they are....their families were also amazing!). Victoria was a referral from another client (thank you Liz!!) and just an absolute DOLL to work with (she looks like a doll too!)

Victoria and I searched the rainbow for her final colors........we started with yellow, and just about everything in between (we're sooo indecisive!) and then went to the extreme........pomegranate, plum and melon (doesn't it just sound yummy??) Well it was!

We held her ceremony in the gazebo at the Southwest School of Arts and Craft and then dinner and dancing in the beautiful chapel. If you have not visited this site, you really need to make a trip downtown. Its such a serene environment and lends itself perfectly to a beautiful wedding!

CMI did the photos and they've sent me a couple, but not nearly enough! The linens were a beautiful deep purple (almost blue!)...stay tuned for more photos!