Thursday, April 9, 2009

strange things that show up at my home

Hey, its me again!

These are just some random things I wanted to share.....this first photo is something that just "appeared" on top of my tv one seemed photo worthy...what do you think? ( have no idea why blogger has "turned" the photo on its side......but just give your monitor a quick flip...... ;)

The second strange thing that showed up in my home is this youngest son.....and yes, ladies, he's SINGLE! :O I will only state that transmitting your image via the internet from your cell phone to your mother in an attepmt to be freakin' funny!

A few fun things!

Hello everyone!

Its been awhile....sorry, we have been busy!
First in January, Katie and Daniel had a fabulous event at the McNay Art Museum and I can't wait for Marcus Revilla to finish up photos so we can get the "good" ones....but I did want to share the groom's cake with you...

Based on Steel Magnolias (and yes, quite a few have done this cake) but done EVER so much better by Elm's wasn't gray shelled (thank GOD!) and it wasn't red velvet....but it was a yummy dark chocolate with a raspberry filling that oooooooozed when we cut it! It was extremely good and even better, it was an art piece for the eyes! Very great design Daniel and Elm's did a great job of execution...the rest of us just ATE IT!