Wednesday, January 14, 2009

motivational speaker!

Hello everyone!

My husband recently found this clip and forwarded it to me...This man is amazing and I had to share.....we all take our lives for granted, so please take a few moments to preview this video! Thanks Vic!! Don't forget tissues!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

News flash!

Hello again!!

A "standard" in the wedding industry is this....holidays (without fail) bring new engagements to my doorstep....inevitable, I watch for it, plan for it, know it will bring smiling (ok, outright giddy grins!) faces to my office. I know it!! I anticipate and am axious for it.

This holiday season was no different, the calls have started already.....but with just a little bit of a tweak.....three, (count them) THREE of my staff are newly engaged! People, are you paying attention.....THREEEEEEEE of my staff are getting married.......THIS YEAR! lol (ok, Julie is the exception...she's giving me the required 12months ONLY because her long time boyfriend-turned fiance is freaking out that he actually got the nerve to buy the ring!!) lol

Anyway, as you see the ladies in the hallways......give them the knowing "wink" the glad "hug" or the outright SCREAMS OF JOY that we all share when celebrating something as exciting as this!

Julie (one of my best!) is getting married in march 2010, Tiffany (a newcomer on the rise) is getting married this fall (september), and Erin (who I pulled unwillingly back into the business!) is having a grand THANKSGIVING wedding.

Congratulations ladies! Let the fun begin!

A new year is ...I'm sorry, I'm just not ready!

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, glad tidings.....happy new year!??? Holy cow, I just didn't see it coming! Does this happen to everyone or just me??? seems as though, summer was just over and all the "kids" went back to school...and now the holidays are done and its time for a new year...


My life just seems to disappear and the sad part of this is I live by the calendar! I PLAN events for a living! OTHER people's, my life just has a habit of disappearing. Well...not this year! My resolution (one of many) is to be a part of my life, not just mark off the days of the calendar as they pass.

Look out family, lost friends, business associates........I'm coming back!