Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm a believer!

Hello everyone!

I'm touching on an extremely touchy subject for a lot of people. And, I know as a business, I shouldn't even venture here (the experts in marketing say this). But sometimes I just have to thank those entities that encourage and lift me up! If my business falters, then that's the way it must be.

First, I have to say I'm not a really super religious person. I believe in God, but I don't attend church regularly. I do good deeds on occasion and I try to be there for friends, families and strangers when I can. I believe in miracles and see them daily (miracles can be as simple as watching an ant carry a load 50 times its weight along a path a hundred yards long to help feed the rest of its family for the winter, to something as profound as being able to HEAR your husband tell you he loves you).

Why am I talking about this? Well, my wonderful cousin Jan sent me a link to one of the most beautiful videos (and spritually uplifting ones) I've EVER seen. I wanted to share this with you, even if you don't believe in God, the fact that this father was willing to do this for his son HAS to inspire you!

Let me preface the video just a bit. The father has a very real heart condition (stress is NOT his best friend!), but every time his son asked his father, "Dad, will you run a marathon with me?" His father never denied him. The ultimate challenge for the father, was the Iron Man Triatholon........and yes, the son asked, and his father agreed, to run this one. This race is NOT for the weak at heart!

For those who don't know, Ironman is the toughest triathlon ever. The race encompasses three endurance events of a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometer) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike ride, and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon along the coast of the Big Island . Father and son went on to complete the race together.

So, I felt the need to share this with all of my friends and to say, thank you to those who have lifted me during my lifetime. And a very special thank you to my God!

So, please view this for me! I hope you are inspired and uplifted!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

personal stuff

Hello again, just two more pieces of news.

First, my granddaughters (Megan, 5 and Alyssa, just newly 4) recently attended Hannah Montana camp at the American Dance Co. on Starcrest. They had a blast and we learned a couple of new songs (true friend and rock star). They were adorable at their recital (No, I am NOT biased), and naturally, they were the best performers on the floor! Megan is the short haired brunette (she cut her OWN hair, what a big girl!!) and alyssa has the curls to die for! I won't bore you with ALL of the video, but, aren't they just the cutest kids on the planet???

Second, my daughter, Maggie, is almost two years old and is more adorable every day :)...what do you think?

Ok, please keep checking in......the Humphrey house is always never know WHAT's coming up on the blogs!!

Hey, its only been two weeks since my last blog!

Hi everyone!

This HAS to be a record for me! Blogging twice in the same month!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I know we are. I'm supposed to be on a hiatus of sorts, but business keeps popping up and opportunities unexpected as well. Can't walk away from those, can I?

I wanted to brag a little more on our staff (no, we didn't lose anyone, we're expanding, remember??)

First, remember our girl Toni? Toni is moving (after the summer) to attend the university in lubbock (what's the name of that place anyway??) and finish out her degree (do they race there too toni???) Anyway, Toni has promised to start marketing us in the big city of Lubbock and the not so big surrounding areas! We're ready when you are!! Best of luck Toni and let me know when I need to pack my emergency kit and head north!

Next, we had two more recent additions to D & D staff:

First was Sara French-Henry. Sara is a stay at home mom (do moms REALLY stay at home??) with two adorable little girls, and a husband who thinks he is a true globetrotter! Anyway, Sara was so enthusiastic when I interviewed her and willing to step up and do just about anything we asked of we asked things of her!! lol She took it all in stride and has proven herself quite invaluable!

Next up is Rebekah Miller. Rebekah is still in school and also taking a consulting course. I think she felt a little initimidated at our "group" interview, but she shouldn't have. She felt the others had more experience, more talent and could offer more. (just to catch you up, we held a group interview with all current staff as questioners and interviewees were also there enmasse!) The others in the group were personable, talented and for an assortment of reasons, didn't fit in with our group. Its very important to me as group leader that all staff is able to work well together. I want them all to WANT to come to the site and put on the best event possible. Well, Rebekah wasn't sure we wanted her, and was quite quiet during the process. In a one on one with her later in the week, this issue came up and we addressed it immediately. I'd prefer to have someone with NO KNOWLEDGE come in and be a sponge and learn from the bottom up, than have to deal with UNTRAINING someone who's been in the business forever. Rebekah is now almost ready to shoot out on her own and be lead at an event. She's done dredge work for a while, its time to get up Cinderella! She really has been great to work with, everyone loves her, and she's going to stay with me forever if I have to beat her into submission!!! ya Becks!

Julie Traina (another staffer here!) is going to be a CADDY for her dad (Jim Traina) at the US Senior Open starting on July 28th and ending Aug 3rd! Its being held in Colorado and she's super excited for the trip, her dad is ecstatic that he qualified -even as an amateur - and best of all.......Julie will be wearing D & D on her sleeve to get some more marketing in!!! Gooooo Julie! lol, is that allowed at the Open?? Anyway, if you get a chance to poke your head in, please check out the stats at

We have some cool weddings coming up and hope you'll check back later to read more about them. I've also found some cool products and websites and will be posting them later for everyone, too.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our biggest news!

Hello.......Its me again!!!

I didn't have room to post on the last entry, so had to create a new one!

Our biggest news this year....
We recently moved into an office downtown!!
314 E. Commerce, suite 705......Above The Vault Restaurant and Zinc Lounge in the old Commerce Building.....I've wanted in this building for the longest time (I love the architecture and the old elevator is sooooo cool!). The office is very loungy and comfy and just MADE for great meetings! No filing cabinets here..administrative is done out of my home office still.......this place is for dreaming up great events!!
1 block from the Riverwalk and within walking distance of several great wedding venues (some of the MOST coveted by discriminating brides all over the country).....this photo is the view from my window...overlooking Hard Rock, Howl at the Moon (and is that Saltgrass peeking out at me under the green awnings??)

We operate there by appointment only and look forward to showing off to those of you that want to come and visit!!

Give me a buzz/email and let me show you around!!

Thanks for putting up with me!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where have I been???

Hola everyone!

I am soo disgusted with me!! So much has happened since my last blog...MONTHS ago. I am so diligent on so many things and blogging is just obviously not one of them.

People!!! send me email reminders that I'm a slacker out here, would you?? lol

ANYWAY, life has been grand at D & D...let's see, where to start.

First, the wedding scene. We've had some truly fabulous events come and go (it always makes me so sad when they leave me!) But I guess that's a part of the Planner's life, right? hold on.......wait a minute, we do baby showers too!!! They'll be back! haha, yes, they'll be back!

Since the last blog we've married off:

Carolina (CARO!!) and Raul. Oh my word, talk about a blast......not only did the bride and groom keep us all in stitches, Father Paul was a hoot, both sets of parents were hilarious and grandmoms...well, let's just say, we haven't had this much fun in a long long time! They were great and the wedding went off flawlessly....just beautiful!

Candace and Cedell -- all my clients are gorgeous and Candace was no exception! And what a heart! I'm going to miss her sweet emails and HER. Cedell was fun, too, but we didn't get the same amount of interaction as Candace and me! We did have some unexpected fun at the reception tho......Candace's father and his Zulu (can you say NEW ORLEANS??) brothers entertained us with their infamous umbrella parade! How fantastic was that?? Yep, we'll miss this family!

April and Jason -- now these two.....what a great duo! Jason was much more concerned about the details than April. April just wanted to marry this man!! It's unusual for grooms to be very involved in the wedding. They normally just hang out until the day of the event, but not Jason. We were pen pals to the max! I loved it! And I have to say, his decision making process definitely paid off in the end (and yes, April's mom had some say so as well!) The day was elegant and sophisticated and very much like the couple! On a different note, April's dad owns a few dealerships here in SA and hooked my son up with a great car (after he totaled his one night!). Thanks April!

Brandy and Eric -- (photos coming soon!) my out of towners and a quick thrown together on the river kind of party! They had 3 of the MOST handsome attendants (all sons of the bride!) and a family and set of friends to die for! We had a great time (albeit SHORT time) together! Brandy called me about a month out from her wedding date and needed help pulling things altogether.......and we did it! Thanks Brandy for having faith in us!

Lauren and Matt - Lauren was also an out of towner, but her Aunt lived just outside SA, so she got to help with a lot more of the planning than she PLANNED on, I'm sure! Matt is a Marine and he and Lauren had eloped over a year ago (much to her mom's dismay!). So, they promised mom they'd come home for the nuptials and throw the family a party! And did they throw a party!! The Oasis at Medina Lake was their choice (a marine and water) and a red/white/blue theme..worked out pretty well! Lauren looked beautiful even though temperatures soared on the lake (how was it she was wearing a gown that weighs 40lbs and she never showed a bit of "perspiration glisten" anywhere?? How do you do that Lauren?? All the rest of us were sweating like fighters in the boxing ring!!) The bride was beautiful and kept saying.....I wish I could do this every fun to get married?? (she wasn't kidding, she's done it twice with the same guy already!)

Kristen and Mitchel - Kristen was actually a referral from a bride we assisted in 2005 (hi Erin!!). And we were all waiting patiently for Mitchel to propose.........we waited, and we waited and we waited...and then.... I got the call!!! Hallelujiah! Kristen/Mitchel and myself planned this one for almost 18 months! Why did it take us so long? Well, Kristen/Mitchel HAD to get married at the Texas Rangers Stadium in place else would do.........and so, we had to wait on the Rangers to get their schedule finished before we could set OUR date!! The wedding was fun and so many unique favors (Mitchel brewed it himself - 4 flavors no less, to coincide with the bride's colors - baby blue, neon green, chocolate and ivory),
Hard Night's Day (pseudo-beatles band) was the only band we would hire (they are truly AWESOME!), the guitar cake (it really looked real!), Mitchel played with the band (and SANG!!), guitar pick favors from the bride (can you see a theme running along the lines of MUSIC and baseball?) and a huge wedding cake (chocolate icing and baby blue ribbon) of the wedding party out on THE field and guests were seated in the Diamond Club...watching the photo session take place. Teresa Sandvig of Elan Imaging took some really great photos.....please check out her website!!

Ashley and Kevin - our Boerne couple (ok, they were actually from Houston) but her grandparents have this beautiful horse ranch in Boerne and that's where we staged their tent event. Ashley's grandfather has a 100 year old log cabin that they've transformed and rehabbed into a haven in the hill country. My first visit with them at the ranch, I'm ashamed to say, they literally had to MAKE me leave. The grounds are manicured closer than some country clubs I've visited and the! And then that beautiful pond..and of course, the cabin. What a place. Mr. Reed, please won't you adopt me?? Oh, and the wedding was gorgeous too!

Anne and Justin - Lubbock group! lol Anne, her sister Katie, her dad John and her fiance Justin met with me on a sunday morning last year to discuss ideas they had for their day and to see if we were a "match" for the rest of the process. It was love at first sight for all of us! They were so fun and so unique and trusted me from that first meeting! Its hard to hand over the reins to someone you don't know with such an important event, but they did so without hesitation. Even though we held the event at a hotel, in the middle of SA, the "tropical flavor" they requested came flying through! It was beautiful! Orchids, Birds of paradise, ginger flowers.....and orange crush everywhere!! The day was beautiful......and my bride went down the aisle barefoot (in a gorgeous, BLING-encrusted gown!) I love her! And of course, the "around the world" gee we're married now hand slap at the altar!!! I love it!!

Ericka and Christian...(photos coming soon!) Ericka also met with me just at 1 year ago and we were only day of for her and Christian, but it felt like it was more. Not because Ericka called me all the time or anything like that, its more because I felt such a bond with her. We'd throw emails at each other on occasion just to make sure the other one was still "out there" and catch up on each other's lives! Ericka always wanted to know what was going on with me personally, and I felt the same need to catch up with her. Ericka pulled together a GREAT event.......lavender and chocolate and my beautiful it turned out. Some things Ericka had NOT shared with me prior to event day (I love the toasting portion of my events.....attendants let out ALL the family secrets!!). One of those secrets was that Ericka is a twin, a surprise twin! The family knew all about her big brother (so big they couldn't find Ericka hiding behind him in the womb until 3 days prior to their birthdays!!). Another secret was that Ericka and Christian are EHarmony hookups!! They were both about to pull the plug on their subscriptions on the same day, when they decided to "refresh" the listing and both fell in love at once with the "new" popup contact. (how cool is that!!) And lastly, her twin brother, Blu Sanders, is an artist in his own rights. I did not know he was a songwriter and an excellent vocalist. He sang Ericka and Christian's first dance song and there was not a dry eye in the house! It was the most romantic first dance I've seen in ages! Soo beautiful! name of the song? Hold on! (no, really, "hold on" is the title!) lol

I'm on a short hiatus from weddings over the summer (a planned hiatus as I need to get some personal things taken care, vision, office cleaning, etc.) but we have some more great events coming up in the fall. A couple of huge events (800+.....don't you love country weddings ???) and a smaller wedding or two (less than 100 guests), with lots of action at all of them.

Man, I LOVE MY JOB!! More news in the next post!

I'll try to post photos of all my past events....but you know me........I'm pretty Techno challenged!

Have a great week!!!