Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello everyone!

Melanie came to me through a bride we did this past summer (I'm waiting on photos from that wedding STILL!)

Anyway, Melanie was a bridesmaid for Taylor and she loved what she saw while we worked! yayyyy for good grades!

Melanie & Johnny were super sweet couple and Melanie knew exactly what and how and when she wanted things for her day! lol......I love it!

They held the ceremony at the gorgeous Grace Lutheran downtown! If you've never been, you HAVE to visit it at least! The church's stained glass is soo amazing! It was definitely a family affair....Melanie's great uncle Danny was our Minister for the day...and he had married his life love in this same church over 40 years prior! Fabulous! Minister Danny ALSO knew exactly how and what and when HE wanted things done for the day! Needless to say, we all toed the line and the service was perfect!
Melanie did a black and ivory theme with touches of gold and HOT pink & lime green! beautful! Of course, I'm biased, you tell me if I'm "off!"

Just a quick note, that pregnant girl in thebackground holding the champagne is ASSISTING the bride....she's not drinking while pregnant LOL....Melanie needed her veil adjusted and my girl Danielle offered to hold her drink for her!

Our groom, Johnny, loves to, Melanie designed this cake cart! too precious!

We're waiting for the doors to open to assist the guests for seating! Enjoy the break now ladies, its fixing to get busy (Danielle and Sara work very well together!). Great job girls!

Time for photos!

Hello all!

I've been a slacker in posting, so now I'm playing catchup!

This past September we had the opportunity to work with Jacalyn & Michael and their girls! This couple (family!) was a long distance group from Virginia. Both are very busy doctors and so they called in a little bit of help!

They were married in the Little Church of La Villita and reception was at the beautiful RioPlaza. I'm waiting on "PRO" photos, but these will give you an idea of how beautiful it was!

Take a peek!

So, I built it.....and they came!

Hello all......yes, its really me! Miss me? (please say yes!)

Ok, let's get busy......first, my husband and I are soon to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary (I told you I was older than dirt!). So, we decided to throw a small party for a few very special people!

Before I show you photos tho, let me say THANK YOU to all those folks that helped us out!

The ceremony was at Mission Espada (I love that little church!). We asked Carol Garner (Moonstruck weddings) to officiate for us. Ambiance Florals did ALL the decor and flowers at church and at reception! Kyrenda King and Richard Diaz de Leon sang/played amazing music for us! (frank sinatra to michael buble---what range!) And Sandra Lanae Photography took photos for us (pro shots coming shortly), but for buddy Bob Keilman took some "work in progress" shots!

Big Time Limos escorted us around two cities and made us sooo incredibly comfy! Thanks Eric!
Linens were from Great Event and Rentals, food by Columbia Culinary Team (thank you to a great team led by Betty Gamez and Chef Jeff), Complete Music DJ'd for us (those galloways are awesome!) and brought their karaoke equipment (my family really shouldn't sing, but they did! ) and we also had a casino for after dinner! We brought in some of our own desserts (cupcakes in 4 flavors and 3 flavors of pie!). Cantu party services bartended for us (yayy for beer!). BP Lighting did some lighting for us (we wanted some but didn't want to distract from "rustic" we highlited drapes and did more outside.
And one of the amazing hilites of the night, my nephew Tim and Erin (she's still like a daughterinlaw to me!) sang and played guitar for us just as we sat down to dinner! they were incredible!
And Valerie Gaytan.....coordinated the night for us......flawlessly I might add! Thank you everyone, such a perfect day with perfect weather!

Ok, onto the photos and then we'll talk a bit more!
We held the reception at an old old hall in Coughran Texas (just outside SA) and it offered everything we needed for the day: kid friendly, perfect size for our event, we could cook onsite, and it was old and cracked and just a bland space screaming for color.....enter the peacock! :)

This is the hall Friday afternoon as we setup. Very raw space,but great "bones."

The hall can hold up to 125 guests (using the loft area, too) but we decided the loft would be a gaming area...we put the casino tables up there.

Saturday and its wedding day!

Mission Espada, such a beautiful little church. Mission Concepcion has had renovations already (if you haven't visited lately---GO!), Mission San Jose is in the process of reno, and Mission Espada is on the docket to get renos after San Jose. I'm glad we snuck in before renos.....I love cracks and missing stucco and history! its perfect (I understand renos are done to save the buildings, but still glad we used it "old!")

My brother, mother in law, the flower power girls, and one of my sons waiting to get inside.Since we married originally in the 70s, felt it was only right to have something a bit my daughter maggie and my granddaughters got to dress a bit funky for the day. Made it easy for them to play later on frilly dresses to trip over :)

My beautiful bouquet....hand wired cattleya orchids and ostrich feathers....stunning!

My husband (isn't he handsome?) and me trekking to the church. He got to corset my gown for me as we dressed at home...only 1 lesson! Good job babe! :)
Ready, set, down the aisle we go!!

It's official....we're married (still!) Thanks Rev. Garner!

Ok, so I tried realllllly hard NOT to be a coordinator/planner on event day, but as you can see, my briefcase followed me even to reception!

That's my sister in law, Trisha, watching me in amazement! I amaze most of my family (that's not necessarily a good thing! lol)

Very special people!! My super talented nephew Tim (guitar maniac!), his brother Bob (known as Constable Rob in some parts of the state!, another of their brothers, John (also known as Sarge in guadalupe County, and my oldest son, Justin.....I've nicknamed him Tin Man (for reasons only he and I share!) I love these guys!

Our guest tables turned out beautifully!

And the family table, setup a little differently, but still amazing. See how the color just transforms the rooms?
Ok, i've been dieting for months, lost a little let's see if I can gain some of it back in the next 30 minutes....let's eat!

Yummy desserts.....we decided we really didn't want a "wedding cake" so we opted for different sweets (cupcakes and pies!)

And those amazing Galloways (recent newlyweds!). Thanks again for entertaining our families!

We did a lot of "non traditional" things at our event. We had great music, really good food, great friends AND games! Didn't have a lot of dancing on the floor, most folks opted to listen to music and play cards instead! Worked for us! Everyone had fun, ate until the wee hours of the morning and kids got to run and play just like at a family bbq, but none of the clean up! lol

Ambiance & Diamonds & Dreams.....the team to beat IN and OUT of San Antonio! They are THE most amazing florists/design specialists around!