Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just for fun...but still wedding related!

Hello again.

I found the most fun website (via YouTube no less), haven't tried ANY of their products, but I have to tell you, this commercial makes me want to use everything they have! I'm not endorsing....only sharing the fun!


Sunday, August 19, 2007


Photography is one of THE key aspects of your day. Long after the cake is gone, long after I've left your home (yes, I will eventually have to let go of you!) and long after the music has died, your portrait and albums will be the source to prod your memories!

Please get a great photographer. Some are true artists, a few only capture some of the happenings at your event. Others really get inside your head to KNOW who you are.

I've worked with some really great ones, and some not so great ones! As a coordinator, working full service and "day of"...we meet all types in the business. I've been lucky enough to come across Teresa Sandvig, Photography by Teresa. She is super talented and FUN, and she works herself crazy for you. (and I do mean crazy!)

She has trained under some of SA's finest photographers and I can say, she has learned her craft WELL. Teresa has worked with a few of my brides and they LOVE her. She makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy the bridal or engagement sessions and during weddings, you don't even know she's there until 4 weeks later when she posts your face online!! Gotta love her!

Click here to see what a beautiful job she does!



Hi all, just a quick post to let you know about these really cool favor boxes (customized) no less!

Click here to see some really fun, unique items!

To our brides, we can get samples for you if you see something you just can't live without!


Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY...

First, the GOOD....

I've been wanting to get started on this project for a long time, and decided there was no time like the present! I want everyone out there to know how proud I am to be a part of the wedding industry. I have the distinct pleasure of knowing some of the most incredibly talented people on the planet. As my posts continue, I'll definitely let you in on some of SA's finest vendors!

A little about Diamonds & Dreams...

Of course there's me! Tina Humphrey, Founder, owner, certified consultant extraordinaire (really, people have said this!!!). I've been doing this professionally for a number of years and cannot think of a better profession....period! (ok, being a taster at Godiva chocolates could be close...but it ain't better!)

And, about my staff! FANTASTICAL!! They reign supreme in all aspects of wedding coordination. I would love to say I trained them in my image, but that would be a lie. These women were definitely trained by me (why reinvent the wheel?), but when it comes to getting the job done....its a passion for all of them. They all say they do it to please the client and to please me, but, me thinks they take pride of ownership in a job well done. And job well done is the order of the day, not the exception with all of them.

I'll be posting photos of the ladies shortly, but for now, here are their bios!

Senior Associate/Director:
Leslie Garcia
Leslie is first and foremost a mom and a wife. Next to God, nothing is more important to her than family. She is also a full time mortgage professional and has to juggle a million details a day. She is excellent at customer service with D & D and has an eye for decor and design. Nothing goes out that she hasn't checked a dozen times to ensure perfection. Leslie came on board with me first as a friend, but then we quickly realized how well suited she was for this business. She loves making your family feel like HER family.

Senior Associate/Director:
Kiah Herod-Humphrey
Kiah is not only my right hand girl at weddings, she's my daughter in law! Kiah jumped in feet first, eyes wide open at a wedding where a vendor had serious staffing issues. Kiah stepped up (and then some) at this wedding and helped the vendor (no pay, sorry Kiah!). Kiah can get from one end of a venue to another in less than 60 seconds!! This alone makes her invaluable to me...Thank God she has extra long legs!! I'm very glad my son introduced her to me, for reasons she knows very well and I'm so glad she's decided to stay and help me grow this business.

Kristye Golly
Kristye is actually an ex-bride of ours. Her attention to details was so outstanding and she seems to love ANY type of party (and I do mean ANY type of celebration) that we had to have her! She has proven herself invaluable to Diamonds & Dreams time and time again. Kristye works full time in New Braunfels at the corporate offices of one of the largest trucking firms in the US. Her attention to detail in this job makes her worth her weight in gold (wait a minute, Kristye doesn't weigh very much...let's just say we would miss her terribly were she to leave!) Kristye stays on top of trends and fashion on both coasts and we pick her brain pretty much daily to see what's out there that we should be showing our clients.

Julie Traina
Julie is deeply entrenched in the hospitality business, working at two very upscale restaurants in SA. She is quick, quick witted and she does hair and makeup! We're trying to talk her into starting her own side business, but she's more interested in getting engaged to her long-time boyfriend and buying a home! Julie has also proven herself to D & D many, many times (she scares me sometimes how quickly she can come up with "fixes"...maybe she's not human....Can you say Stepford Director?? ya Julie) A quick thinking partner is a commodity every business needs on their side, and we're lucky she's agreed to work with us! (even though she tells me I don't pay very well!!) ;) She's right! Maybe I need to raise pricing!!

Ladies, to you I say.......THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE! You are all pleasures to work with and brilliant to boot! I love you all dearly. Thank you, I cannot do this without you.

Next, The BAD...Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there "becoming" coordinators. I'm not sure how you "just become" a coordinator. There are any number of schools and associations out there to help with this, but most just seem to "start" a business and "help" brides plan their day.

Just like any career, you need a plan, you need education, you need the HELP of mentors and great vendors and honing communication and organizational skills is in order to be productive. No, this is not rocket science, its just a "party" that you're planning, but what happens if you don't manage all the details correctly?

We're not afraid of competition (competition keeps us all on our toes in order to be the best!), but for those of you starting your own companies, please, take the necessary steps to get it right BEFORE you do your first booking! Remember, to you its just a paycheck, to the client...its a LIFE CHANGING event! Treat it as such. Two of the hardest things couples have to live through in their lives are: pulling together a wedding and building a house together. Its all those details that drag you down in any planning process. Would-be planners: get your details down!!!

Next, The UGLY...

No, I don't mean interns are ugly! Silly people! We have interns that come and try us on for size (and us them!) and I have to say, as hard as we work, its not easy to pull yourself out of the intern trench! The reality shows have proven that this career is not only hard but, its also not for the weak hearted. I've actually had interns walk out mid wedding because they just didn't realize how UNGLAMOROUS the work is (I'm actually very mean, but....I'm the boss!) My staff picks up trash, hem skirts, chase down ring bearers, deal with unruly vendors, glue broken shoe heels, deal with alcohol-related issues (hee hee, get my drift?), clean tables (when catering is backed up), decorate, light (and re-light) endless seas of votives, babysit, WHATEVER it takes to make the event work flawlessly! I've had interns of all backgrounds, sizes, colors, genders and ages, and I have to tell ya, I'm pretty picky about who can stay! I have a thriving business, I have clientele that have specific needs and wishes and I intend to keep the business growing and keep the client's needs MET, unconditionally! Sometimes that means, moving on to the next intern to find the right fit. You need a specific personality to be a consultant/coordinator and most of us live, breathe and eat this job! Did I say job? I meant passion. For those of you wanting to be a planner/coordinator...I wish you well...but please don't think this job is a breeze...its more like a tornado, yeah, a 4 hour tornado! ;)