Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Design, Dinner & Details!

EXCITED!!!  We are coordinating and presenting at the Crystal Room in a week or two!!!  Come join us or call me/email me for more details!!  Seating will be limited to 30 couples....its going to be a blast!

Design, Dinner & Details

A seminar in wedding planning for engaged couples at The Crystal Room!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cocktails at 6:30 pm

Dinner & Presentations at 7:30 pm

This event is unique and not for every couple!!! 

Your hosts are searching for engaged couples that NEED to experience all the planning sensations of a successful event before their big day.


Your hosts & Presenters: 

 Veronica Esparza, Owner, Absolutely Delicious Catering & The Crystal Room


Steven Pizzini, Event Designer



Tina Humphrey, Owner, Certified Wedding Consultant

For those couples fortunate enough to attend this interactive seminar, your hosts have a great program line up!

v A full bar, live music and hors d’ oeurves

v Custom signature drinks according to your specifications!  The combos are endless!

v Delicious three course dinner

v A fabulous DJ to entertain and emcee for the night

v Extraordinary lighting, amazing linens and incredible stationery to excite your senses

v Design beautiful tablescapes utilizing your ideas and the professionals to assist!

v Sumptuous desserts & wedding cupcakes


Your hosts are purposely limiting seating for this event in order to offer the opportunity for each couple to speak directly with Veronica, Steven and Tina (experts in the fields of food and beverage, venue design and event coordination).  Your hosts encourage questions on any wedding related subjects you would like to discuss. 

You will walk away from this event knowing your wedding will be spectacular with the right help!

The fee to attend this interactive dinner seminar is $40 per couple*.

*You must attend as couples and prequalify for this event so please email tinasevents@gmail.com to receive a copy of the survey that will get you in the doors!

Please don’t hesitate, seating is limited!