Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ekta's details!

a few detail shots of the reception.

Ekta's color change was sooo beautiful, and thank you (a great big thank you) to Bob Keilman for traveling to Austin with us on such a dreary day (and a long day!!) to capture all of these photos for Diamonds & Dreams! Bob, you are awesome!!

Reception table decor consisted of three totally different looks --- and as we were in a hurry to flip the room, all the tables are not completely set, but trust me, they "finished" up beautifully!!:

christmas ornaments in tall cylinders (Ekta placed her and her groom's names on them, as well as a bit of bling on EACH ornament!),

2nd setup was of beautiful, cut facet hurricanes

and last, square vases filled with manzanilla branches and beautiful orchids and crystals.......

our cake was gorgeous and tasty too! Espresso/pistachio flavors cloaked in a beautiful plum fondant and a bit of gold filigree! BEAUTIFUL!

what do you think? Gorgeous, right?

Part B of Ekta's day!

Of course, we have to show you the bride's arrival........her brothers carried her into the ceremony site and her uncles flanked her in the "doli!" But first, a dry run!! :)

Left, right, left, right........


Its ok, you can beat me!

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe its been almost 4 full months since I last blogged. OMG, just beat me now! No excuses really. Just plain busy!
Here are a few photos of recent events and more to follow! FOUR months?? really? yikes!
This is at the Hilton Airport (Austin). We had such a great time with staff at the hotel and also the bride's family (Ekta! Your family is krazeee fun!). Trevor's family was more subdued, but we corrupted them as much as possible too! Since this event, my staff is now asking if we can do all our events in saris! No, we cannot, stop begging me!
Ekta's ceremony and reception were held in the same ballroom, so we naturally did a flip after ceremony. Her initial colors as you see were red, ivory and gold with splashes of turquoise (the attendants were stunning!), but for the reception......we went to mardi gras colors....purples, greens and golds! fabulous! Thanks so much Ekta and Trevor for letting us play with you on wedding day! :)
Controlled chaos as the bride's family greets the groom and leads him into the ceremony site!