Saturday, October 12, 2013


Hello all!

Well just a quick update regarding our Badges & Bouquets 2013 wedding.....

On September 6, 2013....we had a BEAUTIFUL wedding, yummy cocktail hour and a reception to jump up and down for!

Josh & Rachel Dietert had a whirlwind planning process to say the least!  But, Diamonds & Dreams had already done the hard part (we found them every incredible vendor we could for all the categories of the day!).  The hard part for Josh and Rachel was deciding what they WANTED from each vendor.  :)  And can I add, EVERY vendor......every single one, and we had over 20!  UPGRADED from what they had originally promised when they signed up to participate.  EVERY vendor upgraded.  SUCH generosity from this community.  So proud of them!

They were truly a great couple to work with and so thankful and humble I have to say.  They appreciated everything that was placed in front of them.  I really don't think they believed they were really going to have a wedding (even though we kept having meetings with those vendors!)...they just felt it was so surreal! 

KENS5 TV followed the entire process so we all felt like TV stars for a few months! 

We will have photos shortly from the infamous Philip Thomas of Philip Thomas Photography and Josh Rinder from Limelight Photo and Video did video for us.....hoping for video soon, too!  In the meantime, here's the link to a few of Philip's faves.....

Thank you Josh and Rachel for all you and your families have done for generations....keeping us safe and saving us when we weren't!  xoxoxo