Sunday, May 26, 2013

Badges & Bouquets

Hello all!

This year has been a crazy year for Diamonds & Dreams, but exciting at the same time.  Have we had lots of fun and unique clients.....of course!!  Its what we do, unique, fun and STUNNING events.  But always in the back of my closet was this little idea waiting to get out........2013 is the birth year for that little idea!  Badges & Bouquets.  Our dream child!!  lol  Ok, i'm having a TON of help on this project, but its sooo worth all of our efforts!

First, let me explain the concept of Badges & Bouquets.  Technically its a contest specifically geared to community servants (police officers or firefighters) to win a dream wedding, totally sponsored by wedding or special event vendors.  That in itself is pretty AWEsome....but to us, the best part is GIVING BACK to those who selflessly protect us every day.  Firefighters and police officers leave their homes every day, without hesitation, to the unknown terrors of the day.  3 and 4 alarm fires, drug busts, hostage situations, traffic accidents, dragging people out of burning buildings.....the list is truly never ending for these people.  They take their own lives and place them in peril for US because its their J.O.B.!!  Yeah, let's compare that to researching pinterest for a day or two!! 

To have the opportunity to show them they have great value to the community, we have asked the community to show them we care.  A wedding doesn't really sound much like a pay back, but when you think of how much they do for us, how underpaid and overworked they are and how their families face the very real possibility of never seeing them again when they walk out the door....... this seems almost insignificant.  But, I don't have a lot of power amongst the super powers at city hall...but I do have a lot of friends in the wedding community, and to say I was surprised by their generosity would be a lie........I see how they give to our community all the time for various causes.  But, they once again stepped up for B & B!

We had our first contest (very quickly thrown together this year) and our winners (Josh & Rachel) will be married on September 6, 2013 at the gorgeous Lost Mission in Spring Branch.  The Veranda (a brand new luscious facility within the heart of SA) has offered their space and catering for the rehearsal dinner....and right now we have everything we need to pull off a beautiful wedding for this couple.  The year of the Dalmation!!

2014 is for our police officer winners and that contest will begin around Christmas time, so you'll have to check back in to see how that one rolls out.  We already have a venue, a photographer, a gown donation.  2015, yep, we have a sponsor for venue and catering already in place.  People...this is huge!!  So proud of all our vendors and those of you yet to volunteer......we are building dream weddings one vendor at a time.....and believe me, our vendors are the creme de la creme!!  thank you SA, you make me proud to know you!

A list of all our sponsors will be on our website once published, but for now, you can find them on our facebook page :)
Any vendor that would like to participate for 2014 or 2015, PLEASE contact me and let's chat!!

Sooo happy about this post and excited to bring happiness to a very deserving couple...every year until I physically cannot do it anymore.....then someone else picks up my slack! :)

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